Oral Histories from ART CART Artists

Welcome to the 2015-2016 VOICING THE LEGACY, the oral histories of the 18 ART CART: SAVING THE LEGACY artists in New York City and Washington DC.

ART CART is an interdisciplinary, intergenerational project that matches students in the arts, health and aging with professional visual artists age 62 and over to document their work and save our national legacy.


The New York City Artists were Zigi Ben Haim, Terry Berkowitz, Amaranth Ehrenhalt, Harriet FeBland,Arlene Gottfried, Barbara Hammer, Morton Kaish, Mary Miss, Adele Shtern, and Marilyn Schwartz.

The Washington DC Artists were Alonzo Davis, Cheryl Edwards, Annette Fortt, Cianne Fragione, Pauline Jacobsberg, Evangeline Montgomery, Annette Polan, and Terry Svat.

The New York City Fellows were Victoria Babakian, Elisabeth Bahr, Simone Baechle, Danielle Dong, Blythe Duckett, Eileen Hendriksen, Luçia Hernandez, Carley Colbert Howay, Yangyang Mao, Yan Pan, Yangxingyue Wang and Lee Ann Westover.

The Washington DC fellows were Humaira Admani, Jacqueline Barbarbito, Aideen Bilal, Adjoa Burrowes, Elizabeth Fulp, Shanell Kitt, Kelly Pedersen, and Carrie Witkop.


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